Migrating from Serena Collage to Cascade Server

At Hannon Hill, our brand promise says it all-- CMS Experience You Can Trust. Since its founding in 2001, Hannon Hill has been committed to one CMS product, Cascade Server.

When in 2008, Serena decided to discontinue development of its Collage product, hundreds of organizations were left abandoned without a viable CMS alternative. Our focus at Hannon Hill is content management, and while we work with a clients in a variety of industries, Cascade Server has proven to be an extremely strong fit for institutions of higher education.

This Collage to Cascade WCM Migration site is intended to serve as a migration tool to any organization migrating from Serena Collage to Cascade Server, or considering a migration in the near future.

  • Exporting Content from Collage

    Here you'll find resources and instructions related to exporting your content from Serena Collage to be prepared for import into your new content management system.

  • Importing Content to Cascade Server

    Here you'll find resources and instructions related to importing the legacy CMS content from Serena Collage you've exported and bringing it into Cascade Server.

  • News

    News and noteworthy resources related to migration from Serena Collage to Cascade Server.

  • Product Comparisons

    Compare and contrast the Serena Collage and Cascade Server CMS solutions and their respective functionality sets.

  • Request Migration Tool Information

    Request more information about the Serena Collage to Cascade Server CMS Migration Tool.

  • Resources

    Check out our technical and consultative resources to aid in your migration process.