Hannon Hill Releases Upgraded Collage to Cascade Migration Tool

Client Case Study

Check out the Sarah Lawrence case study about the College's CMS use and migration from Serena Collage to Cascade Server.

ATLANTA, GA -- Hannon Hill Corporation, makers of the Cascade Server web content management system, today announces the release of an upgraded migration tool and supplementary website for previous users of Serena® Collage®.

The Collage to Cascade Migration Tool automates the process of moving content and site architecture from websites previously managed in Serena Collage to Cascade Server. Specifically, the tool is a GUI wizard that walks users through mapping fields, content types and directory structure(s) from their legacy Collage instance into the Cascade Server web content management system. Instructions and best practices for use of the migration tool are documented on Hannon Hill's Collage to Cascade microsite.

The migration tool can be used by any user with Administrative access rights in Cascade Server and must be used with a version of Cascade Server 6.2.1 or newer. Hannon Hill also recommends that users carefully consider the mappings to be used by the tool before getting started. To adequately plan for use of the tool, Hannon Hill recommends that users create a spreadsheet outlining the asset types to be mapped from Collage to their respective content types in Cascade Server, including fields and new folder locations.

"Planning for the tool's use is really the only involved part of the process," adds Kat Liendgens, Professional Services Manager at Hannon Hill. "The tool itself migrates hundreds of assets in just a few minutes, with added time needed if running the tool's link checking functionality, which we also recommend."

Since the announcement of discontinued development on the Collage CMS product, ten organizations previously using Serena to manage their websites have already switched to Cascade Server. The development of the migration tool is aimed at making the process of switching web content management systems easier for users.

Step-by-step instructions and an example planning spreadsheet are provided via the migration tool's microsite located at http://collage.hannonhill.com. Users interested in more information on the migration process are encouraged to contact Hannon Hill.


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