New Client Case Study: Sarah Lawrence College

Client Case Study

Check out the Sarah Lawrence case study about the College's CMS use and migration from Serena Collage to Cascade Server.

The content management market is both broad and complex. As a result, vendors are constantly trying to differentiate themselves and highlight key features that make their solutions different from the competition. For those researching a CMS solution though, it's often difficult to distinguish some of the finer points between vendors and their respective systems. Factors such as vendor rapport, system ease-of-use, and benefits afforded are often overlooked and/or difficult to identify. It's because of these factors that we value our customer case studies so highly.

Case studies give prospective organizations looking for a CMS a better understanding of how other organizations are truly using and benefiting from the use of a content management system. Furthermore, they often spark ideas for our current Cascade Server users about how they could potentially leverage their CMS system's power more effectively.This week, we've released a new case study focused on one of our client institutions, Sarah Lawrence College.

Like many institutions of higher education, Sarah Lawrence has conducted extensive research aimed at finding a content management solution that meets the diverse needs of their organization. In addition, the College also focused on finding a vendor that truly understands the content management needs of institutions of higher education, and is committed to meeting and exceeding these needs via top-notch customer service.

After initially beginning an implementation with Serena Collage, several factors led the Web Team at Sarah Lawrence to decide on making a switch to the Cascade Server CMS system. Check out our Sarah Lawrence College case study to learn more about their migration from a legacy CMS system and how the College is currently using Cascade Server to effectively manage its web presence.