Product Comparisons

The resources provided below compare and contrast the Serena Collage and Cascade Server solutions and their respective functionality sets.

  • Overcoming Legacy Barriers to CMS Use & Adoption

    If you are migrating to Cascade Server from a legacy system such as Serena Collage, there are several factors to consider. One important factor, is identifying what features are needed in a new system to improve adoption and use of your organizational CMS. Because we have worked with many organizations migrating from Serena Collage to Cascade, we are keenly aware of some of the obvious deployment and usability barriers faced by those previously using Serena Collage.

  • Serena Collage and Cascade Server Product Corollaries

    Serena Collage and Cascade Server CMS product corollaries.

  • Things that Make Your Experience with Hannon Hill Unique

    At Hannon Hill, we make it our mission to provide organizations with the best content management experience possible. We go above and beyond to understand and meet our customers' needs, both with our product, Cascade Server, and as a company. We've outlined a few things that we believe differentiate us from other vendors and make your experience working with us a special on