Technicall Resources

Here is where you'll find technical resources aimed to help you prepare for your site migration from Serena Collage to Cascade Server.

  • Migrate Existing XML as Structured Content

    Cascade Server's Web Services interface exposes to SOAP clients and interface for adding and editing assets. This allows repetitive or difficult tasks to be accomplished easily with any SOAP-compatible programming language. As a demonstration of these features, this guide will walk users through the task of importing many database entries from an old CMS (in the form of an XML dump) into Cascade server with PHP and SOAP calls. Web Services makes this process much quicker than a manual import.

  • Planning for Import

    The Collage to Cascade Server Migration Tool is a fast and easy way to migrate content and configurations from one CMS to the other. Before you get started with the migration itself, we recommend planning out your content type and field mappings for the tool to use. Use these resources to plan for your website import.